Poetry Workshop in Morocco

   In this Holy Mama retreat at Dar Azahra, Chaiibat, 13 km from Marrakech, on 11-16 November 2018, I'll be leading a circle of women in discovering how we can use the poetry of Rumi to cross into a landscape of feelings like shame to empower our lives and decisions. Thanks to Claudia Spahr. 

Poetry workshop in Ibiza

   Elated to be teaching my workshop on discovering poem fragments "Through the Doorsill of Shame" at an amazing Holy Mama retreat founded by Claudia Spahr. The week of 14-20 October 2018 features "Light up the Lineage and Heal the Mother Wound."  

Every Day Poems of  TS Poetry Press

    My poem, "5 a.m." from my chapbook Inheritance was spotlighted in June 2018 on Every Day Poems, a feature of TS Poetry Press that delivers daily poems and artwork to subscribers’ inboxes to introduce readers to the work of new and established poets while encouraging interest, education and participation in writing and the arts. 

Workshop on Poetry for the Soul featuring Rumi

    In February 2018 I was the featured speaker at a Geneva Unitarian Universalists gathering in Geneva at Quaker House. 

Geneva Writers Group

   I loved teaching two teen fiction workshops on "Where's the Conflict?" and "Point of View" in February and March 2018 for the Geneva Writers Group. 

Love + Death + Poetry

   Enjoyed reading with poet Christina Thatcher at Books Books Books in Lausanne in December, 2017 with writer Elizabeth Coleman moderating a panel on how poetry explores love, death, trauma and grief. 

Nasty Women Poets

   My poem, Lifted, Carried was published in the Nasty Women Poets anthology in October, 2017 by the University of Washington Press. Edited by Grace Bauer and Julie Kane, the anthology features work from Kim Addonizio, Jan Beatty, Kelly Cherry, Annie Finch, Alice Friman, Allison Joseph, Marilyn Kallet, Melissa Kwasny, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Jessica Mehta, Lesléa Newman, Nuala O’Connor, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Melinda Palacio, Jennifer Perrine, Marge Piercy, Lucinda Roy, Maureen Seaton, Rochelle Spencer, A.E. Stallings, Stacey Waite, Diane Wakoski, Müesser Yeniay and others.

Review of Inheritance chapbook by Wendy Galgan

   Grateful for this insightful review of Inheritance by Wendy Galgan at Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters

Global Geneva

    As Poetry Editor of Global Geneva since October 2017, I am pleased to have published the work of other poets such as Deborah Bacharach, Uche Ogbuji, Anna Polonyi and Bashir Sakhawarz. If you would like to submit poems, please send no more than five at a time with a 50-word bio to carladrydale@gmail.com. 

Pelee Island Book House & Writers’ Retreat

     In a dream come true, in May, 2017 I will be working on my novel in progress, The Sky Over Beaumaris, in a small workshop led by Margaret Atwood, my literary idol. 

Indolent Books What Rough Beast Project

      Ten of my poems were featured in spring and summer 2017 on What Rough Beast -- "responding to and resisting the Constitutional crises we now call our presidential administration." Poems include Dream as Reliquary; Elegy for Leonard CohenPicton, Ontario, 1964; Inaugural Haiku; AddictionEarning My KeepDreamFound Poem on Facebook; and Frontalier. Thanks Michael Broder. 

Paris Press at AWP, 2017, Washington, D.C.

      Thank you Jan Freeman, who published a broadside of my poem, "Chore" to be given away with each Paris Press book sale at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

       I was awarded a fellowship for two weeks in February, 2017, to work on my novel-in-progress, The Sky Over Beaumaris, which is set from 1910-1930 in Anglesey, Wales; Oxford and Switzerland. 

The Tower Journal

       My poem, "Labyrinth," was published in December, 2016. Thanks to Mary Sullivan.

Special guest at Open Secret reading series in Paris, France

I was thrilled to read poems from Little Venus and Inheritance on September 28, 2016 at Le Bistrot des Artistes, in the series curated by David Leo Sirois

"Tonight as we sit together/I’m silent, because it’s hard to explain."

        Thanks to poet Frances Donovan for featuring my poem,  "Rafael's Question," on Garden of Words in October, 2016. 

Featured interview on Garden of Words blog

"At times it was wrenching, but ultimately joyful, to know that I had made art from my life, even when the subject     matter was hard or shaming." --Poet Frances Donovan asked me thoughtful questions which got me thinking deeply about poetry, trauma and healing (September 4, 2016).

Morges Literary Festival, Le livre sur les quais

Please come and hear me read my poems on September 4, 2016 while taking a two-hour cruise along Lake Geneva. Now in its 7th year, the festival will host almost 300 French and English speaking writers and attracts up to 40,000 visitors. It takes place in Morges, a picturesque old town with a view over the Alps, and not far from Lausanne and Geneva.

Inheritance reviewed by poet Lynn Domina in A Review a Week

       Gratitude for this thoughtful review of my chapbook, Inheritance: "Although short, Inheritance is not slight. The                  poems are thoughtfully composed, and they will stay with you."

Review of Inheritance in Mom Egg Review

       Thanks to poet Anne Fisher-Wirth for reviewing my chapbook from Finishing Line Press in May, 2016.

National Poetry Month

So pleased that Literary Mama's Editor-in-Chief Maria Scala chose my chapbook Inheritance from Finishing Line Press as essential reading for National Poetry Month in April, 2016.

Paris Press

My poem, "Chore," was published in the April 2016 Paris Press blog, Spiraling, to mark National Poetry Month, with plans to create a broadside of the poem to be presented at AWP 2017. Thanks to Founder and Director Jan Freeman!

Paris Lit Up featured reading, Paris, France

I was honoured to be the featured poet in April 2016 at the PLU Open Mic in Paris. Thanks to René Ghosh for hosting.

Lycée/Collège International, Ferney-Voltaire, France

Guest reading in the English National Programme in March 2016.

Finishing Line Press

Big thanks to publisher Leah Maines and all the team at FLP for publishing my chapbook, Inheritance in early 2016. The title poem, "Inheritance," won the Earle Birney Poetry Prize in May 2014.

Botticelli Mag

This journal published by Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio published four of my poems in December, 2015.

Cleaver Magazine

My poem, "5 am" was published by Cleaver Magazine in Issue 12. Thanks so much to Karen Rile, Editor in Chief.

The Ekphrastic Review

I was thrilled that editor Lorette C. Luzajic published my poem, "Lifted, Carried," in January, 2016. I love the accompanying photo of a vintage Japanese ivory and wood phallus. An African version of this utensil was rumoured to be a prized possession of the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Scapegoat Review

Two of my poems, "Rondeau After Meeting an Old Friend and her New Baby," and "The Odds" published in fall, 2015. Big thanks to Poetry Editor June Coleman Magrab.

Reading & Book Signing: Payot Books

I read from my new chapbook, Inheritance, at Payot in Geneva in April, 2015.

Reading and Workshop at Big Blue Marble Bookstore

In July, 2015 I co-taught my "Across the Doorsill of Shame" poetry workshop with magnificent poet Kasey Jueds and we also did a reading afterwards.

La Porte Peinte Reading

I participated in spring and summer 2014 poetry readings (in May 2014 with poets Jeffrey Greene and Rory Waterman) at the exquisite LPP artists' residency in the medieval town of Noyers Sur Serein in Burgundy, France. Thank you Michelle Anderson Binczak!

Literary Mama

My poem, "Recognition," was published in the August 2014 online journal.

PRISM International

Two poems, "Inheritance," and "Rafael's Question" were published in May 2014 by PRISM International. Huge thanks to editor Zach Matteson for choosing "Inheritance" as the Earle Birney award winner in 2014.

Weekly Poems

My poem, "Clemency on the Q Train," was published by online journal, Wax Poetry and Art, published and edited by Kirk Ramdath in Calgary, Alberta.

The Same

Several of my poems have been published by The Same over the past few years. Thanks to Nancy Eldredge, managing editor of The Same.

Gently Read Literature

         The Myth of Women’s Masochism–An Essay by Stephanie Cleveland discusses her interpretation of themes from my book of poems, Little Venus.