JAG Report, July 2018
I wrote and edited the report on the 52nd annual meeting of the Joint Advisory Group on the International Trade Centre (ITC), showing that 2017 was a strong year for export and import growth, but a more delicate one for multilateral cooperation on trade. Against this challenging backdrop, ITC has continued to work to ensure that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are better equipped to take advantage of market access opportunities and integrate into global trade.

World Economic Situation and Prospects
For the second consecutive year, I edited the 2018 UN report on the world economy.  An upturn in the global economy—now growing by about 3 per cent—paves the way to reorient policy towards longer-term issues such as addressing climate change, tackling existing inequalities and removing institutional obstacles to development.

The ILO Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
In April 2018 I worked with three separate field offices at the ILO and produced this 12-page brochure. 

LUXOS Switzerland Magazine
As editor in chief of this luxury travel magazine, I edited the fall/winter 2017 issue of LUXOS, creating the theme of "Switzerland via the 5 senses, plus a bonus 6th" and hired freelance writers and wrote the main features.

What stands between youth and decent jobs?
More youth seem to prefer staying in school to getting a job early in life. That’s good news. Yet more than 200 million young people are either unemployed or have a job but live in poverty.
Interactive journeys through the world of work on ILO website, 2016

Torture victims' right to rehabilitation "often neglected"
The right of torture victims to seek treatment for the trauma they have experienced is “often neglected,” according to experts who work with these people.
- Radio feature published on United Nations Radio, 2016

From Horror to Healing
Jana’s* burdens are heavy. She carries the false guilt victims of torture share. Even after months of therapy she is convinced her father died because of her.
- Published on the UN Human Rights Office website, 2016

Recovered identity: a reunion mends years of pain in Argentina
Before he was even born, Guillermo’s parents were forcibly disappeared during Argentina’s military dictatorship, grim facts he was unaware of during his childhood and adolescence years.
- Published on the UN Human Rights Office website, 2016

Radio initiative helps Kenyans to improve employment chances
Radio remains a powerful tool for communication in Kenya and is helping young people get ahead in life.
- Published on the International Labour Organization website, 2015